Great success for SCON projects!

SCON projects had great success when the Stockholm Community Council (SLL)/Karolinska Institutet (KI) grants for clinical dental research projects (SOF-grants) 2016-2018 were approved. 

The projects should involve collaborations between the Department of Dental Medicine, KI and dental care providers in Stockholm, such as the County Council Dental Care and/or private dental care. Projects that interact with other strong research environment/s in Stockholm (e.g. at Karolinska Institutet, the Royal School of Technology, Stockholm University etc.) are given priority, as well as projects involving PhD students or post docs. Support can be granted up to three years, with a possibility of extension.

Out of a total 25 applications, 10 projects received SEK 450 000 per year.  Of these, 4 were SCON projects.

The following projects were funded:

Nikolaos Christidis
Sensory-motor regulation of human chewing and biting behavior in painful orofacial conditions

Malin Ernberg
Significance of peripheral biomarkers and polymorphisms in the serotonergic system

Britt Hedenberg-Magnusson
Prediction of disease activity and temporomandibular joint involvement in patients with juvenile idiopathic arthritis

Mats Trulsson
Sensorimotor control and relearning of mastication in oral rehabilitation

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