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In May 2014, the leaderships from Department of Dental Medicine, Karolinska Institutet (KI), Faculty of Odontology, Malmø University (MAH) and Department of Dentistry, Aarhus University (AU), signed a formal memorandum of agreement to establish the Scandinavian Center for Orofacial Neurosciences (SCON).

In the following text, you can read about the purpose, the areas of collaboration, the organization of SCON and how you may benefit from collaboration with SCON.

The overall idea behind SCON is to bring together in a brick-less center (as a virtual network) leading Scandinavian groups in the field of orofacial neurosciences – including oral physiology and orofacial pain – in order to strengthen the research activities and impact on education and clinical treatment in oral rehabilitation for the benefits of patients and society.
The SCON collaboration will aim to:

  • hold an international leading position in terms of both quantity and quality of research output.
  • be the leverage for the parties to obtain external research funding to pursue the goals of diagnostics, prevention and management of oral health and future rehabilitation in the population.
  • use the synergy between parties based on critical mass, the unique competencies and comprehensive approaches for studying, understanding and promoting principles for oral rehabilitation. 

The SCON parties propose to set an example and join forces and initiate three areas of cooperation related to research, teaching and clinical treatment in the field of oral rehabilitation. This field combines basic and applied orofacial neuroscience with advanced clinical dentistry in the diagnosis, prevention and management of tooth loss, impaired chewing, jaw dysfunction and orofacial pain conditions.

  • Research. The SCON parties have common research interests and master several overlapping techniques in addition to unique complementary expertise.The combined portfolio of techniques and experiences span from molecular biology, genotyping, advanced electrophysiology, quantitative sensory test, to randomized clinical trials, epidemiology and evaluation of cognitive and psychosocial function.The parties aim to provide, through SCON, cutting-edge research results and to constitute an attractive alternative to other major international centers in the field by recruitment to the parties the best young research talents and securing external funding.
  • Education. The parties will, through SCON, provide a strong frame-work for research-based teaching of both under- and post-graduate scholars in the field.Furthermore, more wide-spread dissemination of new knowledge will be possible by the parties in SCON through their combined number of courses, lectures and national / international meetings. Finally, the parties will, through SCON, arrange and coordinate educational training of pre- and post-graduate students. The first SCON symposium is currently being planned for the autumn 2015.
  • Clinical treatment. The parties will, through SCON, help promote a long-needed paradigm shift in dentistry by emphasizing a patient-centered approach focusing not only on structure and esthetics, but also the importance of functional aspects of oral rehabilitation, oral health and quality of life.Orofacial neuroscience principles can help guide the optimal rehabilitation of sensory, motor and emotional function for the benefit of the compromised patients with a particular focus on the ageing population. Dissemination of knowledge will be promoted by the parties through a common website and information material. 

SCON is a brick-less, virtual network between KI, MAH and AU without a formal director or head. The respective parties will officially endorse and recognize SCON as an important initiative to compete with other international centers.
The steering committee of SCON is:

Members of SCON are those researchers in the groups that are employed or formally associated to the groups at KI, MAH or AU. For a full list of senior researchers, researchers, research students and associated collaborators see Members.

SCON welcomes both national and international collaborations not only within dentistry but in a wider and interdisciplinary perspective. Members of SCON have during the last decades built many strong and productive collaborations throughout the world and will continue with this approach. We therefore welcome you as visiting researcher or new research partner.

  • SCON offers you unique research environments and facilities for systematic studies in healthy participants and clinical populations.
  • SCON members will advise, guide and supervise research projects from idea till publication.
  • SCON will provide you with new insights into the natural integration of research with clinical management in the field of oral rehabilitation.

If you are interested to learn more about research opportunities and conditions at SCON, please contact:



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